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dance lessons, gravesend

Welcome to Darnley School of Dancing...

Dance, Drama & Singing Classes in Gravesend / Northfleet

The Darnley School of Dancing is based in Gravesend, Kent. Our aim is for excellence in every form of dance our students undertake to learn. We believe that learning dance is best done in a fun and enjoyable environment.

We provide lessons in Ballet, Tap, Modern & Jazz focusing on both technique and performance. Exams can be taken in all dance subjects and there is opportunity to participate in shows, pantomimes, fetes and festivals throughout the year.

Ages: Ages range from pre-school (3 years) to adults, including post retirement.

Venue: Shears Green Community Centre, Westcott Avenue, Northfleet, Gravesend, Kent

Class times: Dancing Lessons: Monday to Saturday, days and evenings.

Class times: Drama & Singing Classes: Saturdays 10am and 11am.

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